Your style info is amazing.

Ive been adhering to what you outline more lately.

I was getting a coffee yesterday. Every girl looks my way as soon as I enter.

And then as I’m walking back to my car. Some random girl cat calls me as she’s driving by.

Idk how you figured this out.

– Brandon

Do you hate getting ignored by hot women?

Are you not sick of drifting through life as a wallflower, blandly dressed and invisible to the opposite sex?

The typical modern man dresses as if they are an NPC in their own life story.

It’s as if the majority of you want to be ignored, scared of the idea you might actually stand out as a dating prospect. So instead, you blend into the crowd.

A crowd of equally bland and timid men who are afraid to dress themselves like someone worth dating.

If this is sounds like you – the wallflower man who never gets looked at twice by cute girls, whether in social circles, in bars or in online dating – then you need to recognise a key self-improvement pathway to fixing it: elite presentation through cutting edge style.

The Radical Style Guide for Men will get you there you in several easy steps. It is designed to take you from any stage of knowledge about menswear, to looking like a guy that is successful with women. In this game perception is key, as the people around you start perceiving you as what you want to be (a player) then they will start treating you like that – most importantly women will start treating you like that.

This is not a typical, cookie cutter men’s style guide.

This series focuses on what gets you from looking like bland, oft ignored ‘Mr Nice Guy’ to ‘Mr Guy Who Actually Gets Laid.’

And the guide will achieve this quickly if you are serious about upgrading your image. It is made to be concise, instead of taking several hours to make a few points the video course walks you through building an elite wardrobe and killer outfits in just over 90 minutes.

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If you for whatever reason you are unhappy with the video series, email and I will return your money to you.

Why am I so confident in this? Since releasing my guides and consulting with guys 1-on-1, the feedback I have received has confirmed 100% that my style advice is legit for attracting women. Join the men that have already made that critical upgrade.